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At Fisher’s Fruit we have a goal always in mind. We want for people to be able to experience the fun of gathering their own fruit. Knowing where your fruits and vegetables are grown are very important these days. We grow our fruit Organically while we are not certified organic we adhere to organic practices. We do not use systemic pesticides so when you pick your Apples, Cherries of Peaches you will be getting nothing but fruit! You have not tasted amazing until you have tasted a TREE RIPE Peach. We don’t just stop with Fruit Though we also have many varieties of Christmas Trees and are also growing Hopps for Micro Brewers. We have many antique apple and peach varieties as well as all the new popular ones people want such as Honey Crisp. Fishers Fruit is a multi-generational endeavor.

The First Trees were planted by Dr. Robert J Fisher in 1973. Bob with multiple sciences degrees including a Master Degree in Chemistry realized that harmful systemic pesticides are not only bad for the environment they are bad for us as humans to ingest. So please stop by and visit us with your family and have a fantastic time outside in the orchards picking your own apples or During the Christmas Season cutting your own Fir, Pine or Spruce. Make sure you give us your email address so we can add you to our list and keep you right up to date when the fruit is ready to harvest.